Export Failed

Hi, we’ve a problem downloading a pivot table report to excel.


Any idea what’s the problem?

As csv works properly.



Not support yet


Hi @Naveed ,
what do you mean?
It was working some days ago.

I’m not talking about the pivot table formatting, but the export in excel was working properly, just exporting a “fake” pivot table (like with rows merged).

There is a limit of 30,000 rows for downloading excel files. Are you downloading more?

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No, way less rows.
It’s not working even with like 100 rows.

I think I found the problem: export seems not working when in the title there’s a parameter.


But that’s new, we always used parameters in the report title.

Hi, been experiencing the same Export Error when downloading a data table to csv file. It only fails on a specific date (Mar 15, 2023). Total no. of rows to download is 76k.