Export to CSV/Excel limitation

Hi community,

Quicksight has an option for Export to CSV/ Excel.
Is there a limitation on the file name, since it seems that the file name can contain a maximum of 20 characters?
What is the meaning of the numbers that are added at the end of the file name and can this be removed?

Hi Jelena,

The Exported file uses the first 20 characters of the Visual Title for the File Name. The numbers at the end of the file is a sequential timestamp (a Unix epoch data type).

I have captured the Feature Request to have the generated file name be configurable. While I understand why you may want to remove the suffix, we do need a mechanism by which the generated files are unique so instead of the Unix data type would a user friendly date time stamp work?

Hi Rahul,

Thank you for the answer.
Yes, user friendly date time stamp would work.
Is it possible to extend current limitation of first 20 characters to 30 or 40?

I will take the request to add friendly date time stamp and to increase character to 30 or 40 back as a feature request. Thanks!

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Is there any idea when will this feature be available The UTC time stamp is not very helpful to the end user.

I cannot comment on a potential date for this feature unfortunately, but I have definitely noted the expected behavior and need for this.

Do we have some updates on this issue/improvement? Is there any chance to have the naming to be at least 40 characters?

Thank you for your update

@Rahul_Easwar Do we have any update on these feature. This is a make or break situation for our client. They want some report daily emails to them and getting hard for them when they download and look for them.

@Sudha I think this feature request is not added yet, i am also in process of raising a ticket to have the flexibility in giving the name of the file with variable like current date so that it is easy for end user.

We have to wait for the feature request, by saying that please raise a service request to AWS from your side as well.

Regards - San

hi everyone, is this feature request added yet?
I’d like to join the efforts to get this going since it’s a crucial part of dashboard usage


Hi @Koushik_Muthanna @Max @eperts - Can you please help on this?

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @Sanjeeb2022 and @joana

I don’t have visibility into the progress of this but it has been marked as a feature request.

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Thank you @Max . We have to wait when the new feature will be implemented.