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Is there a way to hide “Export to Excel”, while still showing Export to CSV?
Use case is our users are exporting a table from QuickSight, manually updating the values of a column, and re-uploading the file to an S3 bucket. From there the files are added into a table through the use of a glue crawler, so they can be surfaced back in QuickSight. The problem is that when somebody accidentally chooses “Export to Excel” instead of “Export to CSV” it messes with the schema and pretty much breaks the entire dataset and consequently the whole dashboard until somebody manually fixes it. The data is refreshed frequently on a schedule so there is a lot of opportunity for this to happen. Our users have been made aware they are supposed to export to CSV but there are a lot of them and it is easy to forget. It would be much easier to just disable the option for them to “Export to Excel” all together. If this is already possible could somebody let me know how? If not I would like to add it as a feature request.


Please look into custom permissions in QuickSight : Customizing access to the Amazon QuickSight console - Amazon QuickSight

Note : Custom permissions has to be applied for each user .

Once applied, they will only be able to Export to CSV


Thank you! I am working on implementing this now. I have not previously used the AWS CLI or QuickSight API so I have to get those set up before I can see if I am able to get it to work successfully. But I just wanted to confirm that I have set up the custom permission how I should have.

I checked only the box for Exporting to Excel. I think this means their access to exporting to excel is restricted. It occurred to me that “Restrict access to” could also mean that the user’s access would would be restricted to only actions in the checked boxes. Which would mean I should check every box except the “Exporting to Excel” box. Would you be able to provide clarity on this? Thanks!

Hi ,

As per your above screenshot, the Exporting to Excel is restricted.

Another example from my custom permissions :
This would
restrict users from exporting to excel
restrict sharing analyses ( applied to admins, authors )
restrict sharing dashboards ( applied to admins, authors )

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