Exporting Dashboard or Visualisations into CSV or PDF via APIs

Hi there, can I enquire if there are QuickSight APIs that can allow custom applications to export dashboard and/or visualisations?

I’ve checked the Quicksight API reference but did not find any related to the above use case.
We are not looking at embedding dashboards but to export specific dashboards as reports to be sent out as emails.

If there isnt any such APIs currently, may I know if there is a roadmap for this?

Thank you!


Hi, we currently do not have APIs to support the export of dashboards and/or visuals. This is a capability that we have on the Product Feature roadmap


Any ETA on this? This would be immeasurably helpful


please advise on this roadmap. this feature is pretty critical to do any form of large scale or automated reporting.

May I ask if the email reporting capabilities meet your needs? You can schedule email reports to be delivered with either or both an image of the sheet and a PDF attachment.

You can also customize these emails in the QuickSight admin console to include custom logos, links, colors, sender and footer.

Is it that you need to customize the emails further? Or you need more custom scheduling options? Or something else?

Hi there, the original use case for my question in Feb was that we needed to send a report with its dashboard filtered specific to each recipient we are sending to.

Just rethinking the original question here, perhaps, for my use case, I should not need an API to export dashboard or visualisations. Instead, if QuickSight already has email reporting capabilities, the idea here might be to provide APIs to trigger these email reporting capabilities so we can tap on this feature for our reporting needs.

For example, a scheduled job on our end calling QuickSight email API based on certain parameters such as:

  • Dashboard ID
  • Sheet Name / Reference
  • Parameter Filter
  • Recipient
  • (and the other customization options you’ve mentioned)

As mentioned by @hilton_smith, we think such APIs (not sure if his use case is similar to mine) are very suitable for large-scale automated reporting.

To add to this - we have a range of use-cases where an API could be helpful (e.g. publish to a wiki or chat channel). The scheduled email is kind of helpful, but there are definitely use-cases beyond this.
And a key limitation of the email PDF is the fact it can only do a single page of course. I think multi-page is somewhere on the roadmap, and I can see that helping a bit.

@bang Thank you for sharing more details. Just so you know, email reports respect both row-level security and dynamic parameter defaults, so if you schedule an email report on a dashboards that uses either, each user’s emails will look different and they will see data specific to them.

I dont disagree with you that having an API to trigger them on a more custom schedule would be great. We will make down your request internally.

@JRK Understood. You are correct that paginated PDFs are on the roadmap. Unfortunately I cant comment on exactly when, but stay tuned :wink:

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@Jesse thanks for raising the point on row-level security and dynamic parameters. This may help us somewhat, we’ll explore that!

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