Exporting full data set and/or queries used to display visuals


I am trying to find out if Quicksight has the functionality to export the full data set used in a particular visual rather than the grouped / summarized data. For example if I have a data set with 1000 rows behind the scenes and build a visual that groups by state; when I export the data I get 50 rows (1 for each state) with the summarized info by state.

Where I’d like to export the data to .csv and receive all 1000 rows back. Is this functionality available?

If not and I’m using direct query; assumingly each visual has a built query behind the scenes that is used in each visual. Can I export that exact query underlying each visual?


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You can see entire unaggregated data in QuickSight by using table visual and adding all the fields you need to the “Value” well (don’t add anything to the “Group by” well).

We don’t provide a way to see the queries sent by QuickSight to the data source.