Exporting pivot table options


In one of my pivot tables - I do not see options to export only visible fields in Export to CSV. Usually I see 2 options:
1 - All fields
2 - Visible fields only.

In this table, however I can only see 2 options : Export to CSV/ Excel. This doesn’t allow me to download the report exactly in the required format. Can I do something to enable these options for Export to CSV.


Thanks in advance!

Hi @Tanisha_Shetty,

That option has to be enabled by the author when publishing the dashboard. It’s not enabled by default.

Hi David,

I’m the author for this analysis and I see this option for other Pivot tables… I want to enable such options for specifically one pivot table which doesn’t show this option. How can I do that?

I want to be able to export only visible fields CSV for this pivot table.


This option applies to the whole dashboard. You either enable it for all pivot tables or disable it for all. You can’t enable it for some pivot tables only.

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Hi David_Wong,

Sadly this is not the case. This option is not uniform across pivot tables for me and that is the issue I am facing. I do see Export Visible fields option via CSV for some charts and for some charts there is no option, just the Export via CSV option.


ALso, please see the options I’ve enabled during publish.


Hi @Tanisha_Shetty,

I found that the option is displayed only if I actually have hidden fields in the pivot table.

In the screenshot below I don’t have any hidden fields in my pivot table, so “Export to CSV” means “Export all fields to CSV”.

In the screenshot below I have one hidden field, so I have 2 separate options:

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Hi @David_Wong,

Thank you so much for the explanation.
Adding a field and hiding it gave me the download visible/all fields options. But I guess I’m looking for something else. I’m looking to retain the format of the pivot table that’s visible to me when I expand/ collapse to a certain level.
For instance, to retain this level of info when I download via CSV.

But when I download via CSV: either the all fields option/ visible fields only option I get data down to the least granular level

Is there any fix to this?

Appreciate your response. Thanks!

The only way to retain the grouping is by exporting to Excel instead of CSV but you’re limited to 50,000 rows.

Thanks for the confirmation@David_Wong! Was wondering if there’s any way to do this in CSV and I had missed it. This is confusing in a way to guide users with multiple limitations on export options but I’ll raise a feature request.

That’s the nature of CSV files though. In your example, how would you expect the country code to look like in rows 2 and 3 of your CSV file?

Would you expect the cell to be empty like this?

, , PV Titles - Availed, PV Titles - Complete, PV Titles - Backlog,
AU, Top 5 Majors, 8368, 8142, 226
, Other Signed Studios, 3480, 3316, 164
, Unsigned Studios, 31, 26, 5

Also, how would you expect to see the columns and the subtotals?


Hi @David_Wong,

Ideally I’d expect the data only until Tier granularity when downloaded - but in CSV we see the data expanded for 3 more columns. Vendor → Lead Local and Studio…

At any point when I expand and collapse I’d want to download data via CSV only until that level of expansion/ collapse.


Hello @Tanisha_Shetty !

I have marked this as a feature request for the Quicksight team!