Exporting visual as image or pdf

Is it possible to export individual visuals as images or PDFs?

That would be nice.

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There is no feature to export a visual as an image yet.
You can export a dashboard as pdf (print as pdf or generate a report delivered by email), but you cannot select which image to include in it, you will export the whole content of the dashboard.
A possible workaround would be to duplicate your sheet and keep in the new sheet only the visual that you want to include in the pdf (removing the other visuals).

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We are also keen on export functionality of individual images/visualisations within a dashboard.
Any plans on the roadmap for this?


Hi QS team,

Is (high-res) image export feature on the road map? This answer is not year old so just wanted to check if any progress has been made.

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Hi Team,

Am also looking for “export functionality of individual images/visualizations within a dashboard.”
Any plans on the roadmap for this?

Hi Team,

Our organization is also looking for this feature.

Hi everyone!

Any update on this feature?

Hello Everyone.

I need this feature as well.

We could really use this as well! Would be great to have a simple copy image option in the visualization menu where it could be pasted to an email or presentation.