Extending the table with another field based on a specific field data

Problem Statement: Below is my data

The table has two sub-data(1 & 2) of Project A, both with same date(11/10) but with different timings.

I want to create an extended field “Last_Run_time” which will provide me the result based on End_Date field with LAST EXECUTION DATE AND LAST EXECUTION TIME.

Hello Sonalim,

Please see the similar older post here - Last event/ date calculations - #15 by Biswajit_1993

Hope this helps getting some idea on how achieve your desired expected output.


Hi @Deep , I wanted the desired output of Last_Execution_Date with Last_Execution_time

Hello Sonalim,

Did you set the date aggregation to second ? have you tried that ?

see below


hope this settings fix your issue.