Extract both month and date from time in QuickSight

I want to create a calculated field that extracts only the year and month from the date value field. I know that I can use Extract function to extract date or month Extract - Amazon QuickSight

However, I can not extract both month and date (e.g. 10/01/2021 → 10/01). What is the easiest way that I can achieve my goal?

The example points to month and date where as the initial question points to year and month

You could use a combination of concat and toString functions to concatenate the month and date portions, here’s the expression:


if its year and month that you’re looking for, replace DD with YYYY

Alternatively, you can just try changing the level of date format on the field wells to displa or on the controls to filter directly.

From the field wells to display:

I could share only one image due to limitation


Thank for your help! I will try it now

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