Extract day name from date parameter for text/title

Is there a way to extract the day name from a date parameter?

I have a dates as title for a set of graphs which are relative to the current date. I want to include the name of the day in the title which updates with the date.

Currently using a table visual with a calculated field to extract the day name as a workaround title.


Use this code in calculation field this will help you.

switch(extract(‘WD’,{YourDate}),1,“Sunday”,2,“Monday”,3,“Tuesday”,4, “Wednesday”, 5, “Thursday”, 6, “Friday”, 7, “Saturday”,“”)


Naveed ali

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Thanks! That is currently how I’ve made the calculated field

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Current workaround that I am using:

   extract('WD', ${relativeDateParameter}),
    4, 'Wednesday', 
    5, 'Thursday',
    6, 'Friday',
    7, 'Saturday',

I have several relative date parameters set to each day for the last seven days from the current date, which allows for the workaround titles to adjust relatively and match the visuals.