Facing a blocker while developing a Usage Dashboard for our Quicksight account

Hi, we are trying to develop our Usage dashboard for our “adsbi” Quicksight account.
This is a critical Quicksight account since it is a centralised platform for all Ads team to build their reports. As part of our reporting strategy, we are trying to develop a Usage dashboard to measure the customer engagement and other usage metrics. We are referring to the AWS blog here: Measure the adoption of your Amazon QuickSight dashboards and view your BI portfolio in a single pane of glass | AWS Business Intelligence Blog.

However, we are facing a blocker, as the lambda function - “Data_Prepare” times out after 15mins but fails to create “group_membership.csv” and “object_access.csv” files . Can you please look into it?

Hi Abishek

Can you please review the lambda logs and see if there is an error?

Below is the error message from the Lambda log:

I can see on the blog, a comment from another user who has faced the same error

Hi, is there any alternative solution to this issue. Seems many other users are also facing the same issue