[Feature Request] Displaying Max in Table for a String Column

When using the table visual, if the database column is a string, the only aggregation option is Count. It would be great if Max was an option, that way we could actually see the value. I imagine it’s a quick addition and would be a HUGE help.

Hi @mml
you could change the datatype of the column or create a new int field with parseInt.

But what “value” do you want to see. Your shown field is a ID field. In that case Max(user_id) will only give you the highest number but not the actual number of users.

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I have the same issue but in a pivot table. Sometimes we want to show a string as a value in a pivot table but it’s not possible. If we can use max or min on a text field, that would allow us to use it as a value.

@mml Since you’re not using a pivot table, can’t you put the text field in the “Group by” field well instead of the “Value” field well?

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Ah great, i was able to use the “group by”. thanks for your help!

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Is there any update on this? This seems pretty simple to do since it’s possible in SQL.

I even created a dataset in the right shape using a group by in SQL, imported the data, and still can only apply a COUNT() or COUNTDISTINCT().