Feature Suggestion: Add a "all" option to date filters

We have dashboards that we expose to our customers that have various kinds of transactions. The transactions have Start Dates, and Processing Dates. To let our customers manipulate the data more finely, we like to expose the capability to filter on both start date AND processing date, because both can be relevant depending on what they are doing. However, some of our transactions don’t have valid start dates, they get set with an arbitrary date in the past Because of the way that our source system works, sometimes the start dates can be wrong and arbitrarily distant in the past (certain instances it’s manually entered).

I propose that we add an option to the Between style date filters that is functionally “ALL DATES” or “SELECT ALL”. We end up inadvertently filtering transactions out when we set up the default filters, because sometimes transactions get added with start dates earlier than our default setting, and this causes confusion for users of the dashboard when the number is lower than expected.

Hello @TRube, this sounds like a great functionality update, and I totally understand how the current way dates are filtered is difficult to manage with your use case. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have tagged this as a feature request.

Also, I have an idea for a possible work-around. Let’s say you leave your current date parameters as they are with a start date and processing date. What if instead of directly filtering the fields by the options selected by a user, you added another string value parameter with a default of something like “Filter by Selected Dates”. Then, create a list or dropdown control that will have that option as well as “All Dates”.

Now create calculated fields to be used instead of your current date fields. They would look something like this:

filteredStartDate = ifelse(
${dateFilterType} = "All Dates", {start_date},
${startDateParam} <= {start_date} AND ${dateFilterType} = "Filter by Selected Dates", {start_date},

With this you could provide the option to either return values related to the date selection or return all dates. I will mark this workaround as a solution and apply the feature request tag, let me know if you have any questions!