Federated login with case-sensitive issue


We use quicksight federated with aws-dataall that pulls users from our Azure Active Directory, however we’re facing loads of issues since some users were created with a mix of lower and upper case of email IDs in our Azure Active Directory.

That been said, when an end user navigate to QS via dataall platform, this user id may have a mix of lower and upper case but in quicksight this user may only have lower cases as an example which is causing way too many issues.

We can’t handle that as other business branches may upload RLS cvs files for some dashboards, or invite users themselves using lower case and so on… There are many reasons why we cannot handle this as there are way too many different scenarios

The question is: Can case-sensitive be disabled in account level?
If not, is there any similar situation anybody has gone through that could help us in resolving this?

Hey @Muciarone !

I am not familiar with dataall, but could you provide an example of what your Active directory users look like compared to Quicksight username?

Thank you Duncan,

we currently have 25.862 AD groups in a global configuration and users are added among those groups depending in each occasion.

Among those many groups are users with all types of email IDs, as mentioned can be anything with mix of letters upper and lower cases.

The ideal fix would be disabling the case-sensitive from within quicksight itself, other than that the only thing we can think of is to extract a list of that many users and try to lower case each individual which would be a long pain job, worst this could be an action we take that may not be a permanent fix since as people leave and join it can happen again setting up those users with mix of upper and lower again and we have to do the same activity again and again.

Hello @Muciarone !

I think that the editing the usernames to all be consistent would be your best bet because to my knowledge there is no way to stop Quicksight being case sensitive. Depending on how you are storing the usernames you could use the LOWER() function in SQL.

I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.

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Thank you very much for your help Duncan.

Would be great if Quicksight can consider removing the case-sensitive as I believe other people / company probably are facing similar issues.


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