Field Mapping

Hi guys,

Can someone help me with creating field mappings between two datasets in an analysis?
I read the documentation in AWS, but I don’t quite understand it.
I someone could show me a step-by-step guide, I’d be really greatful!

Hello @Gent_Zhubi !

Do you run into any specific issues or errors, and what’s your desired outcome?

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@duncan in terms of errors, haven’t encountered one yet, but I’m trying to use two fields from two different datasets in the same calculated field, without joining the tables. And I was wondering if that could be achieved using field mappings?

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Hey @Gent_Zhubi!

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that would be possible and the only way to join the datasets or specific fields will be with SQL.

I will mark this as a feature request, but ultimately you will need to join the tables/fields using custom SQL on your dataset.

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