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I’m encountering a challenge while attempting to display a set of URLs as images using a table visual. I am using “Show URLs as images” feature under field styling. All the images are more than 1000 Pixels and I can see that the max possible value for cell/row height is 500.
Due to this, the images aren’t loaded correctly (have selected “Fit to cell width”), and the expected vertical scroll functionality isn’t available. Only a certain part of the Image is displayed.

Could someone please provide guidance or insights on how to effectively utilize the “Show URLs as images” feature to display multiple images(height more than 1000px) with a vertical scroll bar?

What if you fit to cell height instead?

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Can you decrease the size of the images?

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Hi David,
The image I am trying to insert is a screenshot of a whole web page. The height of the image is almost 6x the width which is why it’s not visible properly.

The image I am trying to insert is a screenshot of a whole web page. Need to display the whole page, decreasing size won’t help in this case.

Hi @phalguni24
why using a table visual if you want to show a full webpage?
Couldnt you just use a custom visual?

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We are getting the URLs from our dataset, so we need to display images for a set of URLs. I believe in custom visual we can only hardcode a single URL. Is there a way to pass a parameter (which can hold a set of URLs) to the custom visual?

Are the images meant to just be decorative or do users actually need to see what’s in the screenshots? Would it not be better to just open the URLs in a new tab instead of showing them as images?


Hi @David_Wong

The images contain crucial data that users need to reference. Is it possible to pass a parameter to the custom visual in order to achieve this?

If not, our final option would be to display the URLs as hyperlinks, allowing users to open them in a new tab.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can possibly try.

Hi @phalguni24

yes you can add parameter into the custom visual url.



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Hi @ErikG ,
Could you please confirm if only a single URL can be added in the custom visual? It doesn’t accept multiple URLs, is that correct?

Thats right. How many do you need?

I need to display 10-15 URLs based on the selected filters. I believe there isn’t another option; I’ll have to use URLs as hyperlinks. Nonetheless, thank you for the help!

You could you 15 visuals :wink:

You can have all 15 URLs in a table visual (1 URL per row) and style them as links that open in a new tab or new window.



Hi @phalguni24 - Looking at your requirement, the best option, put the URL link in a table and open in a new tab or window ( as suggested by @David_Wong ). This will enable you to add more URLs in down the line easily as well.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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