Filling date gaps

Hi all! I have many reports in Quicksight that are grouped by date. In my datasets there are only rows for dates with data. But there are many rows without date (just imagine an online business with transactions from countries all over the world where not every day there is a transaction from every country).
I would like to create good looking reports without having to fill the database table with many rows with 0 in every column. In our case datasets would get significantly larger. Is there any solution within the Quicksight environment that would help me to solve this issue?
There is a feature “Show date gaps” available for many chart types. But even this feature only fills gaps between the first and the last date with data. Is it possible to fill date gaps for the whole period that the chart is set to display?

Hello @bernhard.boehm !

The post below looks similar to what you are describing. Would Max’s suggested solution here using SQL be a useable workaround for you?

Hi @duncan ,
Thanks for getting back to me on this and yes, looks like I missed the fact that somebody has asked this before in relation to charts. In fact, I would also need the same for tables that use “Date” as a column.
A SQL solution is obviously possible but I wanted to avoid increasing the size of datasets dramatically for that reason alone and hoped there was anything I am missing.

@bernhard.boehm No problem!

I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.