Filter a value based on a dropdown filter selection

Hey community!

I need your help with something: I’m trying to filter a value considering a previous value that a filter would have (this previous value would be selected in a dropdown filter by the client).

I want the client filter the month of the year to see in a KPI viz the number of tickets that have been solved in that specific month. And at the same time, I want to filter automatically that specific month and the month before to that one , just to show the sum of the the tickets solved in both months.

For example:

Number of tickets by month:

What I’d like to see?
1-Client filter MARCH using the dropdown filter, the 1st viz should show 20
2-Automatically, I want another botton could filter MARCH and FEBRUARY (month before to the selected), so the 2nd viz should show 30


Hello @Alesso and welcome to the Quicksight community!

Have you checked using Cascading filters for your visuals?

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Thank you, Duncan. I just read the info but it didn’t help me with the problem I have :frowning:

Hey @Alesso,

I would recommend using a parameter that sets your start and end date to filter the first KPI visual. On the second visual, use that start date parameter as your end date for your filter. Then, set another custom parameter that will determine the start date two months previous to the end date. Make sure that the filters you create are specific to the visual.

Some quick links on Parameters and Filters: Setting up parameters and Using filters with parameters

Let me know if this helps!

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Hey @Alesso ,

Did my comment above help with the problem you are running into, and if so could you mark it as a solution?