Filter Action Functionality in visual Interactions

Dear QuickSight Support,

We are currently facing an issue with the functionality of filter actions in QuickSight interactions. Our requirement is to extend the filter action functionality to behave similarly to the navigation action, allowing for filter/unfilter functionality.


When selecting a value in a visual, it applies a filter, but re-selecting the same value does not remove the filter. This inconsistency disrupts our data analysis process and impacts decision-making.

Current Approach:

We have opted for the navigation action from interactions to populate the filtered field names in the title section of all visuals. However, this does not provide the desired un-filtering functionality upon re-selection of the field value.


We kindly request extending the filter action functionality in QuickSight interactions to include the ability to un-filter upon re-selection of a value. This enhancement would greatly improve our data analysis workflow and decision-making process.


Best regards,

Hi @Nitish_reddy and Quicksight community
I am also facing same issue where i am using Navigation action to update the visuals title(Parameters are used to dynamically change the visual title based on selection)
So is there any away we can achieve the same via Navigation action or any other means but unfiltering could be done based on the same selection and title is also updated

Hi Team,

I have also being facing this issue reported by Nitish. It would be great to have a workaround for this issue or please suggest if there is an alternate method/approach to over come this limitation on QuickSight. This would help a user base of close to 20-30 users.

Harish Kumar

Hi Team,

I have also been facing this issue reported by Nitish.
Let us know is an alternate method/approach to overcome this limitation on QuickSight.
Or if there is scope to enhance the functionality.

Neha Sharma

Hello @Nitish_reddy , @Arpit6075 , @nehasharma , and @hrkumar !

I will mark this as a feature request for the QuickSight team!