Filter Aggregation Error in QuickSight Visuals

Hi All,

I’m encountering a critical issue in QuickSight when applying an aggregate filter in my analysis. I’m trying to build an analysis/dashboard to track the login users in my org, and one of the charts I’m trying to build is a donut chart to reflect the distinct count of users who have not logged in during a specific timeframe, group by user profile. My logic is to group user data by a field in my dataset called “user_profile” and display the count of distinct “user_id” field with the filter aggregated sum of field “login_count” being 0. However, while the data is expected to show 17.86k users when correctly grouped by user_id, it incorrectly shows only 4 users across 2 user profiles when grouped by user_profile. This issue is persistent and replicable across all visualization formats (bar chart, table) and appears to be linked specifically to the aggregation filter I applied, I double checked the dataset and I’m sure there’re no NULL value in the dataset that could potentially impact the result.

Attached are the relevant screenshots, including my dataset, the donut chart, the fields and filter I applied to the donut chart, and the donut chart with right number 17.86k, which for testing purpose I grouped by user_id.

Hi @jingtiaz,

Can you try to use countOver to calculate login_count before you apply your filter on it?
login_count = countOver(login_date, [user_id], PRE_AGG)

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Hey @David_Wong ,

Thank you for your suggestion! Your method gave me inspirations and I created a calculated field with the formula SumOver(login_count, [user_id, login_date], PRE_AGG) and it works. Really appreciate your help!

Although my original method of directly using the login_count field still doesn’t work, I’m not sure if this is a bug of Quicksight. Would be great if Quicksight team can see this ticket and fix the issue.