Filter day count calculation

Is there a way to get the number of days in the filter and use that in a calculated field?

eg. filter data between 01/02/23-07/02/23 (7 days start and end inclusive)
calculated field will multiply a record by 7

eg. filter data as last month 31 days in the last month)
calculated field will multiply a record by 31

Can you make two parameters ${start_date} ${end_date}?

And then do a dateDiff ?

dateDiff(${start_date} ,${end_date}) * field

Hi Max,

Thanks for the suggestion, i have used datediff previously but i couldn’t work out how to get the start date and end date of the filter range into the calculated field.

Can you help with the setup of the parameters.

Have you looked at this?

Thanks Max, I managed to work out what i was doing wrong.

I still have some testing to do but your method seems to be what i need.