Filter dropdowns show up empty

I have multiple filters controls linked to parameters. Everything works fine in DEV and TEST environments, but after deployment to PROD, filters appear with no default “All” selected.
Just blanks. This makes all the visuals to be empty.
When I manually select Select All option in all the filters it starts working, but after refreshing the dashboard, everything returns to this invalid state.

Hi @chipimbiri,

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Please help me with answers to 2 questions to understand this better-

  1. Are these configured through filter added to sheet or through parameters?
  2. How does the field values vary across each environment? Suppose Dev has 3 values against sales area field. the other 2 environment has same value available under sales area field?


All filters are through parameters, and data is more or less the same.
There is a dashboard sheet that has no filters on it and it works fine

Oh then this is surprising. I have not come across something like this if the default value of the parameter is set to All. Can you verify the default value of the parameter in the PROD environment?

I don’t have access to PROD analysis, only view dashboard, so hard to investigate.
But it should have been deployed from TEST as is

Hello @chipimbiri and @prantika_sinha !

@chipimbiri are you still facing this issue or are you were you able to find a solution or workaround?

Could you share an anonymized view of the parameter and control settings for the controls that are not working properly? I’m curious if it is just something in the way the settings were configured that is causing it to show blank by default.