Filter for only few calculated fields

Hi All,
My dashboard contains ~30 calculated fields, and I want a filter which only impact numerator for 10 of the calculated fields.

For Example,

Required Fields,

  1. Total questions
  2. % of total questions related to filter → Total filter questions / Total Questions
  3. % of total questions related to Parameter → Total Parameter questions / Total Questions

In my dataset I have a flag to identify if the question is related to filter, parameter or others. In this scenario I want to display only the below 2 fields with a filter/parameter to update the numerator,

  1. Total questions
  2. % of total questions related to Selected filter/parameter value → X / Total Questions

Here Value of X should be updated based on filter or parameter. In my scenario, the filter/parameter has 4 values.

Any suggestion on how to approach this problem

We can have field value equal to parameter value inside calculated field, like,

in({Filter_question_type} ,${Parameter_question_type} )