Filter grouping allows only "OR" and each new filter adds with "AND". Any way to reverse it?

Hi, I want to show comparison of two set of filtered data into a visualization. To do so, I want to create same filters twice where each set should be with AND condition and overall both sets should be with “OR” condition.

Please let me know if there is any better way to achieve the same. Currently it does not let me add multiple conditions in group with AND condition and two set of groups with OR condition.


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How about set up two duplicated visuals next to each other, and create filter separately?

Wanted to keep both sets of filters in one visual only so that it gets easy to compare the results.

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I think Emily’s solution is the only way you can do it. I will mark this as a feature request, but for now you will need to make two separate visuals.

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This would be a nice feature. The current functionality and “create the visuals side by side” is perhaps not ideal in all scenarios.


This feature is much needed. I have no way to filter on a series of weeks that cross two fiscal years.