Filter Heirarchy


I’ve been trying to filter few fields in quicksight for a while now.

The fields I’ve is

  1. Company ID
  2. IXC id

Consider I’ve two filters, company id and ixc id
What I want is that, if I choose a company id, can it also change the ixc id filter ? Like say I’ve company id 180 and there are 10 ixc ids under it. The ixc id should only show those 10 values once the company id 180 is chosen.

As of now, the ixc id shows all the values and not what is related to the company id chosen. Can this be solved in the filter level.

Right now I’ve concatenated both these fields and I’m getting output. But it doesn’t seem like an actual solution. Can someone please help me with this as I’ve searched for a lot in the docs and youtube. Please help

Hi @Naveen1

sounds to me you are looking for



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Thanks @ErikG , I tried another method.

In this what I did was used the company name and ixc name in the same filter. But still not an apt solution I was looking for

Is there it possible to apply the hierarchy here in any other ways ?

Here I have two filters -

and for IXC -

So what I’m expecting to see here is, if I’m choosing a company id, I want the ixc ids to be auto selected in the ixc filter. As per the data we get in the dashboard it is correct. Why I want to restrict, to show the ixc ids only related to that specific company id chosen is, I don’t want the client to see the ids of other companies

That’s what you could achieve with the “show relevant values only”

@ErikG That’s when another issue arises, here in the company id filter, I gave the "show relevant values only”, but it shows this
I actually want the the IXC column details instead of Feature Group or Date. That’s where It gets confusing

Hi @Naveen1
IXC is already a control on the sheet?

Yes, please see this

So when I choose a company id , I want the corresponding items to be selected as default in the control here. My previous reply was based on the input you gave, but hard luck
(PS - When I select a company id, even though the corresponding items doesn’t show in the ixc filter, it shows in the dashboard. For eg- if I choose a company id 101 in the company filter it does shows the corresponding ixc in the dashboard. But not in the ixc filter )