Filter is not updated

“Filter values cannot be retrieved. Please update later or use the “Custom Filter List”.”

Why does this message appear in the filter? it is with a calculated field, and with the other fields it does not happen. How can I solve it?

Hi Jesus, could you provide the calculated field expression?


this is the calculation, it comes from a previous answer to a query, and the calculation is fine because it returns the information that I require

here is the previous query where more details of the description of the field are given:

What happens when you click refresh?

Also for a filter why are you using this calculated field?

Why don’t you just filter on agent_name?

Or, which is probably the better option, change this field to return a static value instead of agent_name.

filter_field = ifelse(minOver(PublishDate,[{CONVERSATION_ID},Direction=“outbound”],PRE_AGG)=PublishDate,‘Filter’,NULL)

Then in your filter do a custom filter that says it’s equal to ‘Filter’