Filter Limits


Is there a way to work around the limitations on custon filter lists?
I have some dashboards where the users would need to filter by a subset of ids (around 16.000 IDs, each one with size of 6 characteres). Ideally they would like to enter this list in a filter in the dashboard.
Is it possible in any way?

Can you use custom filter list?

You should be able to search by the id and select them

Hi @gabriel_kirst Did Max’s solution work for you? Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking his answer as a “Solution.”

Hello @Max, and thanks for your answer.

I’ve tried using the custon filter list, but It has a limit of itens that is way bellow what I would need (I was able to insert around 1.300 IDs, but the dashboard users would need to filter by over 15.000 IDs).

For now, I’m having to inner join in the dataset a file with all IDs they would need to filter, and use it to feed the analysis/dashboard. But it takes some work every time the list of IDs change (edit the dataset, update the new file with the list of IDs, reload the dataset).

I was looking for a more straightforward solution.

@gabriel_kirst How do you know what ID’s they need to filter by?

Could you automate this?