Filter on a copy/pasted in LOV (list of values)

Shirley there is a way…

Currently for parameters/filters you can filter on equal, not equal, greater/less than and between, etc. for say integers.

If I have an ID attribute which may have a 1MM rows. I cannot seem to negotiate how to paste in, for example, 5 distinct ID like 1, 100031, 345, 240494, 999443 and get the result set of data returned.

Ideally, there would be a available set of operators would be: equal, not equal, greater/less than and between and list of values.

I do see the different styles, drop down, list, text field, but cannot get those to execute correct. I’m likely missing something.



  1. You can create a parameter (in my example : pmanufacturer )

  2. Control which is a Text field-multiline

  3. Connect the parameter with filter for the visual

  4. Copy paste the values to the filter ( in screenshot : Car manufacturer Multiple (Line Break )



Thanks for the attempt, but I probably was not clear enough.

The copy/pasted LOV are dynamic. That is, they change from every incantation of the report.
The LOV field could be 1MM unique IDs, every report would need to be able to filter on a non-predetermined LOV values to filter on.

Does that make sense?

Michael, Even though the example above only uses BMW, Acura but you can always change those values in the control. So for example if your data is changing and now you also have say Ford in your data, you can filter on that by adding “Ford” in the multiline text box control. In multi line control the LOV does not have to be pre-determined, you can add any values you want to filter on.