Filtering Across Visuals Based on a single field

I have two visuals that source data from different datasets.

They both have a string field “id” which essentially defines a parent / child relationship with them.

I’m trying to set up an action so that, when I click the top table, the bottom table filters to the rows that only match on ID. There are other field names that are the same between the two tables / datasets, but I only want to match on ID.

In the “Edit Action” panel, Filter Scope is set to “all fields”. I cannot choose “selected fields” because it is greyed out with the message “Source visual does not contain any fields”. I’m not sure what that means, because it appears to me that it does contain fields.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Hi @damien ,

If both datasets have the same field name, the field mapping should show you which fields are being matched.
Once you save the action , selecting a value in your top visual should filter the data in the bottom visual.

Kind regards,