Filtering on calculated columns doesn't work?

I have a table with calculated field using periodOverPeriodPercentDifference. That all works fine.
But I want to add a filter to only show negative values. I add the filter, set Custom, Less than and 0 as the value. The visual adjusts, but still shows many rows with values that are >0. In fact, I can’t tell what filtering it’s actually doing. Some records go away but there’s no obvious filtering pattern involved that I can see. Should filtering on calculated fields work?

Another problem I have is I have a calculated field that is a numeric measure. It has the # sign beside it in the field list. But when I add filter, the filter treats it like a string with the only filtering options being Starts With, End With, Contains, etc. Is there a way to force the filter to understand it’s dealing with a number and make the Less than, Greater than, etc. options available?

The funny thing is, it’s clearly trying to do something.
If I filter all values Greater than → 0, it shows only 4 rows, one of which is less than 0.
If I filter all values Less than → -1, it shows no rows.
If I filter all values Less than → -.99 it shows about 30 rows, some positive, some negative, some blank.

It’s very strange.


Below are 2 screenshots w.r.t calculated field used in filtering which work when applied in the visuals.
Check at your end what values you have as results in visuals after calculation and what’s the input for filtering .

Periodoverperiod :

Filtering numeric : # is when the calculated field is created in the dataset

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@Koushik_Muthanna, So here is a screenshot, I have a field called “tally” which is the sum of sales. I have a calculated field “periodOverPeriodPercentDifference(sum(tally),{interval_alias},MONTH,1)”.
Grouping is by month and partner_name.
You can see when I only filter by the periodOverPeriod difference being less than 0, it doesn’t work at all. Fields that are not negative, fields that are null, basically many fields that should be filtered aren’t.
Now, if I add an additional filter to only show one partner, in this case for the partner redacted in black, the filter for the other field magically starts working and the only rows shown are rows where that calculated value is less than 0.

Hi @quicksightadmin ,

Could you let me know if you are still facing the issue with filtering on calculated column ?


Hi @quicksightadmin, Please let us know if you are still having issue with filtering. We will mark this as resolved if we don’t hear back from you in next couple of days.