Filtering on Geospatial Zoon

I was curious if it would be possible to create filtering for geospatial views based on where the end-user has zoomed in to.

The use case here is that we have 2 separate visuals leveraging the same dataset. One visual is a Geospatial “Points on map” type visual (done by postal code), and another is a Table type visual bringing down those location records along with other attributes.

Would it be possible to effectively filter the Table visual based on where the user has zoomed into on the Geospation “Points on map” visual, where records outside the zoomed in view would effectively be removed from the table view so that a user only extracts what they’ve zoomed into?

Hello @arfanet , welcome to the Quicksight community!

I’m pretty sure this is not currently possible, but to make sure I understand, the use case is if a user zooms in to a point on a map, the corresponding table visual will only show points on the map that are visible?


Correct, this is what we are trying to create, assuming it would be some sort of cross-visual filter