Filtering : Search vs Select

Hi, I’m trying to filter a field called IXC in my dashboard. I want to use the select option from it which I use in other filter fields. But there are a lot of fields in ixc filter, around 9000 numbers. Can someone please help in showing it as search now, and I want it to see as select

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Hello @Naveen1, if your field contains over 1000 options, it will always display a search box rather than a dropdown of values. There is a limitation to the display if your column exceeds that many unique row values. I would recommend utilizing another control or 2 and utilizing cascading filters to try and reduce the number of options below the limit so you can select. Otherwise, it will always show the search option instead. I can link documentation below:

Let me know if this helps!

I checked but not sure how we can use multiple controls for a same filter. Is it possible for you to explain it please.
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Hello @Naveen1, I should explain this a little better. I didn’t mean splitting the single filter into multiple filters, I meant to utilize filters on other fields in your dataset to reduce the number of options available in your IXC ID & Name control. I’ll explain further with some arbitrary group by field types.

If you have some categorical/geographical groups present within your data, you can include some more dropdowns to filter your list of IXC IDs. If you had a Region field and a Product Type field, you could build parameter based controls for them.

Then you can link the IXC ID & Name control by using the Show Relevant Values option in the edit control settings to return values based on the other control selections. Using this cascading filters style, you would be able to reduce the number of options in the control to below 1000 so the user would be able to see them listed. If these grouping metrics don’t exist in your data, you will remain limited to the search box option for the control.

I hope that helps!

Hello @Naveen1, since we have not heard back from you, I will mark my previous response as the solution. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions, and I can assist you further. Thank you!