Filters shows full data list, but not what is valid based on other filters

I have multiple filters and after setting the first Filter A - that narrows the data in the table. I need my second filter B to ONLY contain the valid values based on current table’s value set.

What I have are independent filters where the second filter is showing invalid values based on the setting of the first filter.

I believe you can make filter B depend on filter A only if you add both as controls. After you add your control for filter B, you can edit it to show only relevant values based on filter A.

Yes they are both controls, but I don’t see any type of option/setting to adjust. The relationship between filters (e.g., and/or) appear to only impact the table.

Do you how you would set this up?

When you have 2 (or more) filters, you can enter the filter you want to adjust, click “edit” and then choose “show relevant values only”. It then asks you to determine by which filter should values be updated.

You can see how to do it after step 11 in this workshop

When you’re editing your control, there’s a “Show relevant values only” button at the bottom. Click on it to see a list of all other controls on your sheet. You can then select any of those controls to create the dependency.

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@Tatyana_Yakushev This is currently possible only if the filters are added as controls or if they are on the sheet. I can’t have a control show relevant values based on a filter which is not on the sheet/control bar. Are there any plans to support this?

That’s it!