Filters with Action to Target Sheet

Hello guys,
I have dashboard, which has some charts and some Left Filters in it and I have set a Drill Down From one chart “Sales by Category”. And When I click on the bar of that chart it let me on Target sheet successfully, which is showing sub-category data.

Problem :
You can see in the above image, I have three filters and some values are selected in these filters.
For example I have select “Africa” market in my source Page, But when I reach on Target sheet with action the data has not filtered on “Africa” market. and same with other two filters.

Expected Result :
When I reached on Target sheet (Sub-Category) level data, It should show me the value according to my left filters of source sheet. Means all the filters should goes with action to target sheet.

What should I do ?



You need to use the parameter in filter which will work globally on all your sheets.

I hope this will work for you

Naveed Ali

Thanks for the reply. let me try this.

Thanks for the reply.
Parameters in Amazon QuickSight don’t directly retrieve column values. so how the filter know which values is coming ?


selected value is store in parameter and automatically set as default value for other pages.

Naveed Ali