Find ID of max value

I want to get the ID associated with the max value of each timestamp.

Time ID Value
00:00 A 12
00:00 B 23
00:00 C 10
01:00 A 37
01:00 B 33
01:00 C 39

I plotted the max value per timestamp on a line plot, and was hoping to add the ID that is associated with the max value to the tooltip. Any ideas?

Hi @aj1117! You’ll want to format the visual and then open the option for Tooltip.

From there you can click ‘Add field’ and then choose the Value field and select max for aggregate.

Hello @aj1117 - Welcome to the community! This is a bit tricky one since you are looking to show the corresponding ID of the Highest Value of a given Time. I have tried to replicate your use case. Please follow the below snapshot (with the steps) and let me know if this helps!

Did my suggestion help you in resolving your query? If yes, would request you to mark the post as “Solution”. This will help the community to find guidance and answers to similar question. Thank you!

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Thank you @sagmukhe ! This worked for me. I’m going to try to find a way to concatenate the ID’s when there are multiple ID’s that are all equal to the max value so I can use that in the tooltip, but that’s the last piece of my puzzle. Appreciate the help here.