Font color of visual title cannot be set when dashboard is created from analysis definition information

When creating a dashboard using the CLI, the visual title font color is different than expected.
Is it possible to include the font color of the title in the analysis definition information that can be obtained with “describe-dashboard-definition”?
The procedure, result, and cause are as follows.


  1. Execute “describe-dashboard-definition” in CloudShell to get analysis definition information
  2. Pass the analysis definition information obtained in 1. as an argument and execute “create-dashboard” in CloudShell

I was able to create a dashboard, but the visual title font color is different than expected
Expectation: visual title font color is “white” (because the visual title font color of the analysis that got the definition is “white”)
Actual: Visual title font color is “black”

There was no font color information for the visual title in the definition obtained in step 1.

Hi @Natsuki

I could see visual title color details are captured in the describe-dashboard-definition API output .
What I observed is by default the font color is black and we don’t see the inline color tag in the JSON output . Wondering in your dashboard if the font color is white and what is title background since its cannot be white ? Can you also provide screenshot of dashboard .

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The reason why the visual title and background are set to “white” is to set the file name when outputting CSV even though I don’t want to display the title.

Attached are the captures when the visual title is set in “white” and when it is set in another color.

Setting the visual title to “white” does not seem to output the inline color tag in the JSON output, just like the default “black”.
I set it to some other color and it printed an inline color tag in the JSON output.

Hi @Natsuki

Yes White & Black color title fonts are not captured in the definition output. Alternatively could you please use “#fefefe” hex code and could see title is not visible and inline color tag is coming through in the definition . I will work with service team internally to capture font color tag for all scenarios.

Title is not visible

Use “#fefefe” hex code

Could see inline color in JSON output