For an existing Dataset with an RDS data source is it possible to change Instance ID of the source databse?

The Instance ID of the database is selected when setting up an RDS-based Dataset (see the above image). I have a handful of datasets that now need to point to a different database instance, but I cannot find this option on the edit page for the dataset or anywhere else.

Is this possible? The only alternative I can think of would be creating all new datasets, then going through all of the dependent visualizations and updating them which would take quite a bit of time.

Hi @R_N

To change source RDS instance/database, you can update the data set’s data source. The linked documentation details the steps - Editing a data source - Amazon QuickSight

Database data sources save connection information like credentials.

You can find the data source for a data set by clicking on the data set → checking the ‘Sources’ section.

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