Forecast and multiple objects in line chart


Does forecast work with small multiples as well?
if it does appear in the general line chert but disappear when I add a field to small multuiples, what can be the reason for that?


I don’t believe this is possible now.

The reason is that their might not be enough data, too much compute, or some other reasons.

I will mark this as a feature request.

That’s right, this is not possible right now. Forecasting has a maximum of 3 distinct metrics, and does not work on dimensional group bys. We are working on improving support for additional chart types though, and so it helps to have this feature request. Could you share a little more about your use case, perhaps with screen shots of what you’d expect to see (if you are not dealing with sensitive data)? Thank you!

my dataset is assembled from organization with multi subsidiary.
Each one has its cash balance, which is impacted by its deposits and charges.
I want to predict what will be its future balance and when it might be insufficient for each subsidiary by using small multiples and forecasting filtered by organization.