Forecasting with Amazon QuickSight

What is the automatic seasonality and custom seasonality on the ML-Forecast
Can we automate data extraction from the ML-Forecast or will it be manual
How does the ML-Forecast in QS forecast flow into other tables, can the QS forecast flow into other table?
Could we pull multiple sites at once with their forecast?

Link to my QS:

  • Automatic is based off of the data and tries to predict your seasonality. Custom is where you set it.

  • What do you mean automate data extraction? You can schedule email reports. There is no option for you to say download as csv automatically.

  • No it cannot flow into other tables

  • What do you mean by pulling multiple sites at once?

Would there be a way to add the option to download the csv automatically?

Currently, my dashboard filters are set to one FC site option at a time. So, when I need to download each sites forecasts, it is tedious.

Would there be a way to make the forecasts data more usable outside of the Quicksight dashboard? I am wanting to pull these forecasts into SQL table for labor planning without having to manually download each FC’s csv

Hi @Trey_Williams

I can mark these as feature requests. They are not currently available.