Formatting empty value cell in pivots

Hello Team. I am trying to format a pivot table value field well which currently shows empty for some cells and want to replace these with a custom value. Please refer to the image below. The third row currently shows empty and ideally want to replace that with 0%.


Hi Arya,
We are aware of this missing feature and are tracking this in our backlog.

you can solve this with a calculated field and use coalesce(value,0).

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Are there any updates on when this feature may be released?

Hello, I am still not able to replace blank with 0 using coalesce. Can you let us know if the feature is coming soon to handle blank with 0 or user to select and add values?

Hi - are there any updates on when this feature will make it to production?

Hey @Bchadha,

Do we have any update on the feature ?

Hello, @Arya Could you please retest using the same formula that @thomask shared?
Because whenever there is a null value, I always use the same formula.

PFB the snaps from my analysis.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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Thank you @thomask . I have been using your solution to get around the problem.

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