Formatting measures in tooltip

Is there a way to format the units of a measure that is shown in the tooltip of a visual only?
For example I am only using one measure for the visual, but need to display 4 metrics in total for the tooltip like this:
Is there a way of formatting the units as in measure 1 ?

Hi @joana,

It is not possible to format directly in the tooltip but it is possible to use a different format from a calculated field and show it as the tooltip.

Here is an example of how to do this to show different format for dates.

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Thank you, Andres! Do you have a calculation for formatting measures to auto unit or an example you can provide? Or is this something I would have to accomplish with nested ifelse? For ex. if measure>1000 then 1K, measure>1000000 then 1M, etc.

Thanks again

Hello @joana,

If the only formatting you need to do is units, you can use the auto formatting option of the field.

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Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear! The calculated field I am asking about is referencing your answer about having measures only in the tooltip and the possibility of formatting the units in the tooltip.

I was wondering if you have an example of a calculated field similarly to what you shared for date formatting but for measures - and what would be perfect is that the calculated field would automatically format the units of the measure I am only showing in the tooltip

Thanks again and I hope this clarifies,

Hi @joana,

I was thinking of creating a calculated field and had it formatted with Auto. Then in the tooltip you can add this new calculated field to show the formatted value.

I also found another post with a similar question and an example of a calculate field with formulas, maybe you can get some inspiration from the post from @thomask

Hope this helps!

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The question linked provides a similar answer to what I was thinking of. They point out it is not the ‘cleanest’ solution but at least we can try and work on that.
The best would be to be able to format the measures that are only displayed in the tooltip the same way we can with the measures being used in a visual (since they are part of the visual as well) but I don’t think that is available in quicksight at the moment.

Thanks you for your answers!