Formatting Tooltip for Stacked 100% Bar Chart


I need some help formatting the tooltip for my Stacked 100% Bar chart in QuickSight. On hover, I want the tooltip to display BOTH the percentage and quantity of the values in that category. The problem I’m facing is that it only shows data as a percentage.

Here is an example of what I’m looking for, using a chart generated in Power BI:

In this tooltip, I can see both the quantity (18) and percentage (29.51%) of members in the Base Plan who made 3+ reservations.

However, when I try to design the same visual in QuickSight, it only shows me the percentage and not the quantity. Even when I select “COUNT” as the aggregate for my custom tooltip field, it shows me the value as a percentage.

Can someone help me understand if there is a way to show both the quantity and percentage in the tooltip for this type of visual?

Have you tried creating a custom tooltip for the visual: Customizing tooltips in an Amazon QuickSight visual - Amazon QuickSight

Yes, I have created a custom tooltip. Apologies for not including a picture, I was limited to only including 1 image. When creating the tooltip I am selecting the “COUNT” aggregation, which I was hoping would simply give me the numeric count of members in that category, but it seems to only show data as a percent.

Here is an image of what I’m seeing:

As you can see, I am using the COUNT aggregation, and I have confirmed that the default aggregation on the field here is “Number” and not “Percent”. Yet, the tooltip still displays the number as a percent

The format of the tooltip measure is driven by the format defined for the field in the visualization layer. See this example how the tooltip “Constructor count” format changes with changes in the format of the underlying field- constructorid.

Oddly I am not seeing the same thing:


I am curious if the format could somehow be influenced by the type of chart.

The percentage format in the tooltip is the only option for the stacked bar charts.

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Gotcha. That is a little disappointing as being able to get a sense of the number of records in each category adds a lot of context to the percentage of the whole. This seems like it would be a good feature to add.

I appreciate the clarification!

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I have the same problem.
Has someone has any solution for this issue?

We are encountering the same issue, desiring to show the unique count that is represented by the % in the bar section.

@saunakchandra - can this be raised a feature request to enhance the stacked bar chart visual tooltip capabilities? Having the ability to display a non-percentage value in the stacked bar chart would be extremely beneficial.


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Thank you for raising this as a concern. I have raised the feature request to the product team.

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Thank you @saunakchandra! Thanks, all! :slight_smile: