Found Duplicate Aliases Error Message

Good morning everyone,

I have a dataset called joined_dataset that consists of dataset1 and dataset2 . dataset1 and dataset2 both have a column called column1 (same name in both datasets).

When I place column1 in the “excluded field” section of the dataset, I receive an error while refreshing the data that says : “Source error message:Found duplicate aliases” but when column1 is included from both tables, I do not have that issue.

Any reason as to how to resolve the conflict when adding column1 in the excluded fields?

Usually when there is a same column name from different dataset, one of them will be prefixed with the dataset name. So the column names will be unique and allow to exclude. Since it is trying to error out saying duplicate aliases which is not common, so it is better to investigate further by reaching out to support because it may look at other possibilities for failures by going over the logs.

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