From DynamoDB into SPICE (Incremental refresh)

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What do I need:
I have DynamoDB table, which grows about 3-5 GB per month. The growth can increase in the future, though. I need this data to be available in AWS Quicksight SPICE (incremental refresh) for my dashboards.

What I’ve tried:
I’ve used Athena to query DynamoDB and deliver the data straight into SPICE. The thing was that with significant amounts of data (approx 3 GB. table), it simply doesn’t work - I’m getting a lambda timeout error.

Could you please briefly describe an example of data pipeline that would work in my case and won’t be very expensive? Considering that I need SPICE incremental refresh to work.

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You can use the GLUE ETL. this video may help you.

Incremental refresh work fine with huge dataset.

Naveed Ali

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Can you use Dynamostreams to write the data to S3, and then query the data using Athena?

Alternatively you could write a task to export dynamo to s3 every day and then use Athena on top of this.

You can write a Glue task that separates the data by date, and then use this column to only pull in the latest data for your incremental refresh.

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