Full refresh before incremental refresh

I understand that a full refresh is required the first time I run an incremental refresh. What I don’t understand is why sometimes a subsequent incremental refresh also needs a full refresh first.

In the example below the incremental refresh that I highlighted didn’t need a full refresh first. However, the next one did. Is there a particular reason for this? Does it depend on the time elapsed since the last incremental refresh?

Hmm I don’t know why it would have done that.

Can you share your refresh schedule?

Did it not refresh correctly?

Also what is your lookback window? I don’t know if that would have anything to do with it.

This was a manual incremental refresh, so there is no schedule. It did refresh correctly.

The lookback window was the same (15 hours) for all the incremental refreshes. Does QuickSight treat manual and scheduled incremental refreshes differently?

The only clear difference is that the incremental refresh that wasn’t preceded by a full refresh happened just a few minutes after the previous one. The next one was more than 12 hours later. I wonder if QuickSight forces a full refresh after a certain period of time has elapsed.

did you make some change in the incremental refresh?
if yes, then it will trigger a full refresh

shouldn’t it be pre-permission for the full refresh before the incremental one? even i change the name of dataset, next incremental refresh is starting with the full. It’s not usefull and cause of high transfer costs for me. You should ask if full refresh will start before the incremental, shouldnt be automatically.