Funnel analysis - single/multiple column

Hi everyone,
I seem to encounter a problem with the funnel visualization.
I have a series of actions in my system which each one is following the previous. as show below (on the left side). However, the funnel shows me only the first stage and requires to drill down to see the next:

How do I make it a true funnel like shown here - New charts, formatting, and layout options in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog
Do I have to put all the data in various columns into one??

Or, how do I put the various stages in one dimension?

Hi @Etai_Fiedelman
yes, you have to bring it into one dimension.

Thanks, how do I do that? all of them are dimensions…
Through a calculated field that has all of them together?
Lets say sum of “uploader success” and then sum of the next stage “post_mission_succes/fail” and so on?

Kind of, yes.
But looks to me there are different areas anyway. e.g. “source_map_id” isnt a state but “uploader success” is.
Not sure you could/should bring it to one funnel/comparison.

Thanks again, it will be, because I will “have” to count the number of “source_map_id” for the funnel. The idea is to count the occurrences of each stage (lets say I have 7) and then see % of the each one compared to the previous. e.g. I count how many uploader success and have 100, then count how many “source_map_id” and reach 90 and so on.
The when I have 7 calculated fields I need to put them in a one dimension and thus create a funnel. What I do not understand yet is how to create one dimension? Should I have one large calculated fields which includes each one or can I combine various calculated fields?

But “count the number of “source_map_id”” would be a value/measure not a dimension. You would like to have the count of source_map_id with uploader success “success” or “failed”?

I would like to count the successful events of each stage. Thus, the # of created at (stage 1), then the number of successful times uploader finished (all the times there is not null - stage 2), then all the times there is no null value is “source_map_id” (stage 3) and so on. So all of them can be dimensions.
I hope I did not make it too complicated (in my head it makes sense :))

If you want to achieve something like
You would need data like
Thats what you are looking for?

Just that each following value will be smaller than the previous (that is already in the data because no number of occurrences in one stage can be higher that the previous. There cant be more occurrences of post mission success/fail than uploader success)

the value column is not as important as the stage column :wink:

So with you permission and expertise… When I have the total value of each, how do I put them in one dimension? It seems what you did u there is in excel, isn’t it?

In a table it look like this:

Please disregard the fact the post mission started is higher than successful uploads, its a result of the time I measured and the way data is build in our DB. Within a few days it will fix out…
I want to make this table into a funnel but as you see I was able only to create a dimension per row

how does your datasource/set look like?

Is it based on a database or file?

It is the Database not a file? Why are you asking?

If you can use SQL you could transpose the columns into rows.

I can use SQL here as far as I know but I am very new to it so maybe in a later stage :slight_smile:

This is the table:

Now I just have to find a way to make it a funnel (thus, putting all of the columns in one dimension)