Funnel Set Up

Does anybody know how to configure the funnel?

I have 3 measures that I would like to see split into a funnel but don’t know how to configure it to flow as a group -

  1. User Traffic
  2. User Traffic with Click
  3. User Traffic with Transaction

I have noticed people using ‘Stage’ but I don’t know how to set that up in my data set. I can’t see any option for creating a custom dimension but if so, I don’t know what logic to use for putting 3 measures into separate stages?

Any help appreciated!

@datagirl - You need to do some pre-processing of the data before loading into QuickSight in order to represent the data in Funnel Chart. For Funnel chart you need a single measure and dimension. So for you to do that you need to create a dataset like the below where the first column values are cooked up with hardcoded strings (that’s why in single quotes) whereas the fact column (traffic) is being created by appending different metrics one after another. I have provided a SQL syntax for understanding of the approach.

select ‘User Traffic’ as category, User_Traffic as traffic from table
union all
select ‘User Traffic with click’ as category, User_Traffic_With_click as traffic from table
union all
select ‘User Traffic with Transaction’ as category, User_Traffic_With_Transaction as traffic from table

this resultant dataset will now have 2 columns - one dimension named category and one measure named traffic which can be plotted in the funnel chart to get what you are looking for. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! Very useful.