Gauge chart with min/max/current values

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Does someone find a workaround to have a gauge chart with min, max, current and warning values ?
The default visual only permits to have current and target value


Hello @Nicolas_cm - You can work with custom range to define your Min and Max under “Axis Style”. As far as Warning Values are concerned, you can use conditionally format to denote some custom color to represent the same. Hope this helps!

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Hope you are able to follow Sagmukhe suggestions above ?
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Hi @sagmukhe, do you know if new gauge chart is planned to be released in the next weeks/months ?
The existing one is nice, but even with conditionnal formating, only 2 values can be displayed (current and target). It would be nice to be able to add min and warning values (like in image below)


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Hi Nicolas,

We do have a Product Feature Request entry for improved gauge charts. Please have your AWS account manager / Solution architect submit a customer influence on this PFR (Internal Link). If you don’t have above mentioned contacts, mail me your organization name at and I will add the customer influence entry on your behalf.

Meanwhile, you can use a bar chart to represent this info along with all the threshold values. (ie - if it agrees with the look and feel of the dashboard)

The thresholds are set using reference lines and conditional formatting applied using calculations (See sample).

Alternatively, if your thresholds don’t change frequently, you can create a custom image showing the thresholds with desired color codes, bring it in as a custom visual image and layer a gauge chart (with fixed axis range and no background color) on top of it.

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