Generate embed URL with parameters Using Java SDK

Hello QS community
our team is using the java SDK to generate embed URl for dashboards. and we need to set parameter values so a specific parameter from a dropdown is selected when the dashboard is opened, but the parameter selected when the dashboard opens is the default value.
we are using the putCustomQueryParameter() method when creating the generate dashboard request

generateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUserRequest.putCustomQueryParameter(“dynamicSpend”, “Brand”);

is there a way to achieve what we are looking for server side?

Hi @Saigha,

The putCustomQueryParameter is a general AWS SDK method that allows client to send parameters to server. The embedding APIs inherit this method but don’t use it. This means if you send parameters to QuickSight via putCustomQueryParameter method, these aren’t read; it is not currently possible to generate embed URLs with parameters using backend APIs only.

You can pass through these parameters when you are generating the embed URL as outlined in the SDK documentation here, we also have an example of this approach available in our Developer Portal.

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. I have tagged this as a feature request for backend support to generate embed URLs with parameters.

I am marking this reply as, “Solution,” but let me know if you would like additional information on the above.

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Thanks! that works for now.

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How can we pass parameters into the embedded console experience?

@olivia is this feature implemented? I have the same issue.