Geospatial columns show up as 'ambiguous' when trying to create a filled map

I’m trying to create a ‘filled map’ and currently have columns ZIP and Country in the dataset. Quicksight automatically reads those as geospatial columns but when I try to create the map using ZIP column, it shows an error of ‘ambiguous data’ and the map remains empty. Also tried creating a hierarchy but that did not work either. Zip column is in the format ‘US12345’.
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Hi there. Is the Zip column marked as geospatial? This would have a pin on a map icon next to it. Here is the documentation on geospatial data in QS: Adding geospatial data - Amazon QuickSight

Yes, the Zip column is marked as geospatial (postalcode), country column as geospatial (country) and Zip_msa as geospatial (city). Zip_msa is in the format City, State, example New York, NY.
I tried looking at the link you shared but it only mentions how to change a data type to geospatial and how to create hierarchies. I have already taken those steps.

Can you please provide some sample zip codes (10 to 15) that resulted as ambiguous data?

Here is the list of ZIPs:


Thank you for sending additional details. While we have added support for Zipcodes, they are not working in this case because of the below reasons.

  1. The Zipcodes field does not support when country is prefixed with country code, in this case “US”. Try to separate the zipcodes.
  2. The examples of the zipcodes that you provided is currently not supported on QS. We are looking into it but at this stage it looks like the zipcodes you provided looks like very small areas

Please find below the screenshot of how zipcodes are rendered on filled maps on QS.

Thanks for looking into it. I had actually done this but what I shared with you is just a sample of the long list of Zip codes that I have. After I removed the ‘US’ from the zip codes, it was able to populate but not all the zip codes. It still misses out on a few of them.

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Send us the list of zip codes that did not populate. We will try to source them. I think as of now, you’re able to load the map as per your requirement except for some missing zip codes.